Did you know that God has a plan for you? The Bible tells us this in Jeremiah 29:11, and other portions of scripture.  

Part of His plan is for you to love Him and serve Him.  Fruitland Baptist Church is a place where you can learn to love God and serve Him through Jesus Christ -- and learn of the fullness of His plan for your life.

We welcome you to this website where you can begin to discover the ministries and mission efforts that God could use to help you uncover His plan for your life.  It is our prayer that the information on this web site will lead you to joining us here at Fruitland Baptist Church as we love and serve Christ together. 
        Dr. Michael Smith

The history of Fruitland Baptist Church started over 130 years ago. This took place in 1875, when a group of people decided there needed to be a Baptist church in this area. Green Mountain Baptist Church was then established, and Rev. B.M. Taylor served as pastor. Years later, it was decided to move the location of the church and it was then re-named Fruitland Baptist Church. Land was exchanged with Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute, where the church stands today. Later Rev. N.A. Melton and the State Mission Board gave more land, totaling 2 1/4 acres.

Until the 1940ˆs church services were held in the Fruitland Institute building. The members decided to build a new church and construction began; with the first service being held in May, 1947. Over the years, additions have been made and a parsonage was built. The Luke Sinclair and Manuel Pressley, Sr. families gave the land, known as the Evans property, for the parsonage.

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     Dr. Michael Smith

Associate Pastor:

    Craig Stepp


    Marlene Jimenez

Assistant Treasurer:

    Margie Marsh

Music Leader:

   Steve Sigmon

Instrumental Ensemble Leader:

    Kay Smith


   Anne Gilbert


    Randy Jackson

Sunday School Leader:

    A.J. Ball

Youth Leader: 

    Enrique Salazar

Children's Leader:

    Stephanie Hamilton

150 College Road

Hendersonville, NC 28792

“To Know Christ and to Make Christ Known”

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